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Hello everyone my name is soul300.

2016-02-05 12:06:37 by soul300

Hi everyone the name is soul300.i am a "version" of the man named soul390(facebook and youtube), and soul-gram on Steam. I have always been interested in the site known as newgrounds. I will admit i am a lurker -person who watches forums for info, interest, and not join the actual site unless truly interested for real. Many of you have a talent and i respect that as a creator and consumer(in this mean i mean watcher and understanding of the products of others) :). Anyways, go easy on me will you as i have a lot of "emotional stress" stressed at times(no need to ask me about it just reference to it if you see me act a "certain" way). Anyways 20th anniversity as passed for this site woohoo and to everyone i give this advice. Do with you want cause it want you want to show unless give advice by family that you know that you trust / or friends, no random stranger has the right to take YOUR happiness away ok.



The overseer of light, memories, and reflections of the 3rd born of the mirror phoenixes

Satu jim(mies) Hokage(fire shadow).

p.s i may have the last name with hokage but i mean the mean of fire shadow not as ninja village leader to the Naruto fans out there :P(<- this face means do take it with a grain of salt everyone that i mean no ill will when i used this last name).


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